R15 officinanove steel table

The steel table: R15

Sitting here in the dining room, I run my hands slowly over the cold metal surface. With my arms I draw two wide arches and breathe deeply. I…

LEM rectangular coffee table

LEM, the coffee table full of voids!

It is very hot today and they say we will still have it for two weeks before we can have some refreshment. On the other hand, it is…

traces wooden design table 1

Traces of steel and wood in the tables TRACES

Speaking together with three colleagues, now friends, something was born the other day. An idea. Joking with each other, it turns out that it could be a good…

center leg table tree 4

ALBERO – the table with central supporting leg

A new lesson is about to begin. The camera is in place, resting on the blue steel top of my beautiful corner table, Albero. I scan the line…

ta-dino-table-design - officinanove-2

Ta-Dino – The bedside table

I’m back, fresh out of college. I love interior design and I want to open a studio in my country. I was born in the Umbrian countryside, so…

MOOB – mobile tv

I’m a no-nonsense man myself and today is an important day for me. For many years I was alone, I was so used to not having anyone that…

Birba – the multifunctional coffee table

Today was really a “no” day at work. Returning home, however, I found balm for my heart. It is called Black & White. Black is a beautiful black…


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