Lights and Lamps


The table lamp in a CLIP

This time I made it really big. I betrayed his trust and I have to fix it. But how? I’ve been pinned to my desk all night trying…


Design and color in the ROCK lamp

I am a saleswoman, a girl like many others. I work in a luxury shoe shop in the center of Milan. All very high heels that I will…

Ennagona chandelier

ENNAGONA, the pendant lamp.

You must know that I am a ballet dancer. Or rather, I wanted to be. In all the schools I attended as a child, there was always a…

Hula - Hop - Metal and marble table lamp made by Officinanove and its designers.

HULA HOP – metal table lamp

When I was a little girl I loved going to the circus with my grandfather. He took me there every time the caravan came to town. I remember…


YO-YO – Table lamp in metal and marble

I threw a surprise party for my husband. He retired the day before yesterday and I wanted to do something special. I invited all friends, our children with…

PING PONG is a lamp from Officinanove that ensures minimal space requirements. Thanks to the semicircular base, it matches perfectly with the surface...

PING PONG, the lamp that respects your space.

I am in the room, pacing excitedly back and forth combing the bristles of the carpet with my heavy stride. At this rate I will end up downstairs.…


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