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The history of officinanove

OFFICINANOVE - Things Change

Officinanove is a design brand born in 2009. Initially our products came to life in a carpentry that supplied iron components to Piaggio, in Tuscany. Workshop number nine witnessed the birth of the first Vespa, an icon of timeless style and functionality for many who inspired us for the choice of our name.
In 2012 the brand found new life on the Ligurian territory and moved its production to Genoa.

Officinanove is competence and passion, the only mix that can give life to unforgettable projects. Technical innovation and craftsmanship are our weapons to adapt any environment to human needs and find inspiration for our lives.

Officinanove is study, design, precision of lines, but also the desire to play down life, to color the spaces we live in and to follow the natural course of time, which transforms the reality around us making each day different from the previous one. For this a handful of sticks can become a clothes hangers it’s a wheelbarrow it can contain everyday objects related to rest rather than work.

Beauty and color at the service of life“.

Colors and Metals



To help you choose the colors, consult
the RAL color guide by Officinanove

Nature and the world offer us ideas and we reinterpret them by giving the individual elements different meanings which, thanks to the legacy of their history, project us towards a future full of opportunities, always new, largely yet to be discovered. The spaces in which we move daily tell us who we are, how we perceive ourselves at an unconscious level.

The objects that surround us help us to extricate ourselves in our particular mental scheme, to make it more efficient, to achieve our goals. The objects that surround us help us to extricate ourselves in our particular mental scheme, to make it more efficient, to achieve our goals. We at Officinanove work for this, to make life as comfortable as possible.

These alongside are the colors with which the prodotti di officinanove.

These are the colors with which officinanove products are made. Write an email to

Steel and wood: this is what we are made of

Our style is industrial and at the same time stained with life: elegant, simple in lines but with the magical touch of colors.
The primary materials we use integrate into the space without committing crimes against the environment. Nature gives us ideas and we respect them.

“Each of our products is recyclable”.

We transform metal and wood because they represent technical innovation and emotion, what drives us towards improvement.


Behind every table, lamp or accessory his mind.


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