Modular Furniture

mbox mensole design 2

MBOX shelves: design in any environment

Today I allowed myself a little leisure, I came downtown to discover a record store that they have recently opened. These events are now so rare that I…

cubolibre modern bookcase kit cubes

CUBOLIBRE, the colorful and fun modular bookcase

I invited four friends to celebrate the end of the exams. The usual four, always together for five years with their faces on the books or talking for…

abaco wall bookcase 2

The wall bookcase to compose as you want: ABACO

After a long day of work I can’t wait to go home, my refuge, get comfortable and relax for 5 minutes in the living room before starting to…


Modular hexagons in the bookcase HONEY WAY

I’m a bit of a strange girl, I like to collect strange hats. To tell the truth, others often point it out to me but … who cares.…


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