MBOX shelves: design in any environment

Design by Raco Bedini Settimelli

Mbox: The Mini Stories

Today I allowed myself a little leisure, I came downtown to discover a record store that they have recently opened. These events are now so rare that I just couldn't miss them. I walk through the aisles of the small shop and while I dig my fingers among the rare editions of some artists, a detail catches my attention on the wall in front of me. They are the Mbox shelves! I also chose them for my "music room". I filled them with CDs, vinyls, sheet music and even cassettes, I have a whole wall of them. Whenever the space gets tight, I add some modules. I am impressed, I really like this place.

MBox, order but with fun!

Versatile and interesting, these shelves can hold anything you want, from the book, to the disk, to the packet of pasta. Thanks to their modularity and custom colors you can create all the combinations you need. Discover all the variants in the MICRO, SQUARE, MONO and SLIM models.
Design by Raco Bedini Settimelli