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  • PING PONG is a lamp from Officinanove that ensures minimal space requirements. Thanks to the semicircular base, it matches perfectly with the surface...

    PING PONG is a designer floor lamp with dimmable LED lighting and soft touch lighting. The floor lamp version ensures the smallest footprint, thanks to the semicircular base it perfectly matches the wall surface and draws a simple shape to it by contrasting the back and front lighting. A minimalist and at the same time innovative and full of character object.

    PING PONGCONSOLE represents the design solution to have in one product a light source, a table top, a nightstand

  • Hula - Hop - Metal and marble table lamp made by Officinanove and its designers.Hula - Hop - Metal and marble table lamp made by Officinanove and its designers.

    Table lamp composed of two adjustable light points (?) Supported by two rings that evoke the popular game from which it takes its name. A sophisticated play of light and elegance made of marble and metal to enrich the support surface thanks to its sensual refinement. Hula Hop is not a common table lamp, it is a piece of furniture with a timeless design.


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  • YO-YO-table-lamp-officinanove-design-1YO-YO-table-lamp-officinanove-design-1

    This marble and metal table lamp gives a touch of classicism to your spaces, unconsciously evoking childhood memories. It is an object with an important presence even if confined to extremely simple lines. The encounter between quality materials and linear style gives life to a lamp with a great effect design, whose beauty warms even the coldest environment.

    Lamp compatible with the system Amazon Echo and devices Alexa

  • Rock 90 is a lamp is born to manage light in even small spaces without sacrificing style. Officinanove offers it in basic colors: white, red...rock90-officinanove-design-wall-lamp-2

    ROCK is a lamp with discreet lines created to manage light in even small spaces without sacrificing style.
    ROCK 90 is the corner version with diffused lighting thanks to the unique translucent stone sheet shade.
    ROCK 180 is the floor lamp that with its minimal footprint, thanks to its semi-circular base perfectly matches the wall surface with diffused illumination thanks to its unique translucent stone sheet shade.
    ROCK 180 wall with the same features is the ideal solution where space is lacking. Lamp and tabletop in one.

  • clip-3-officinanove

    CLIP responds to a need for simplicity. Composed of a sheet of steel folded and perforated to house a light bulb, it embodies an essential and sober approach to life. White or black, it is the ideal light point in a modern setting. On the table, on the desk or on a piece of furniture, Clip is the lamp that does not betray your expectations.

  • DEMÍ 180 Wall is the floor lamp that transforms your home. It can adhere perfectly to the walls to become an integral part of it and bring color and style into your days. It guarantees minimum bulk and maximum effect, an absolutely remarkable feature for a design floor lamp and which makes it particularly suitable even for small rooms.

  • Ennagona chandelier

    The Ennagona pendant lamp is an extruded and tapered nine-sided polygon in folded aluminum. Depending on the environment, it can diffuse the light lower or higher by exploiting the
    appropriate tabs that make it adjustable in height by simply wrapping the electric wire around the metal body. The apparent imperfection of its cut is resolved once it is hung from the ceiling and makes this object unique in its genre with a sparkling and minimal style. Ennagona is also available in the version Slim, whose long and narrow shape helps to direct the light to a precise point. Perfect for illuminating a work surface or an architectural element relevant to the balance of the room.