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tondo wall hanger 1

TONDO, a wall hanger that empties your pockets

We work too much. This is my thought when I wake up in the morning and I realize that Carlo has already gone out. Its empty seat makes…

carry on potholder 5

Pot holder or ice holder? CARRY ON it can bring this, that and much more

With spring approaching I made me want to move Carry On on the terrace and fill it with colored primroses. I want color, freshness, to feel the electricity…


COOKING BLOCK support your recipes

After leaving university we immediately came to my house. Today is my mother’s birthday and I want to bake her a cake. Chocolate and pears, her favorite. I…

clakk frame 2

“CLAKK” and your memories are immediately in the photo frame

I was looking for a photo frame and I found I needed it for a special occasion. Now that I have it here in front of me, I…

donotbelate Wall clock2

DO NOT BE LATE it is the wall clock that gives you advice

Oh my, how scared. It’s not my first interview and yet I feel like it’s the first time. There is no point in standing here and mulling over…

di vino bottleholder 1

The DI VINO bottle holder

CLICK. Lights off. Another tiring day has ended, one among many. The restaurant is finally furnished. Yesterday they brought the tables and chairs, the other day the coffee…

james SQUARE coat hanger with bench

With or without bench, JAMES is the ideal mute servo

“… And so it was that James was summoned before the king. He had already traveled so much. He was tired and very thin from the long fast,…

flower power centerpiece

FLOWER POWER! and the centerpiece is colored

I just got back from my daily jog. I take off my shoes, wash my hands and head to the kitchen. It is already past one o’clock in…

tripod 2.0 floor standing coat rack made of wood and colors in white and red and green

Nature and color in the coat stand TRIPOD 2.0

When I was a child on Christmas day we went to lunch with the uncles with the whole family. I was secretly waiting for that moment, not so…

tuboom clotheshangers metal

TUBOOM, the perfect line coat stand

I don’t want to be the usual dusty pro, a faded copy of everyone who came before me. I want people to come to me because I do…

bugia candleholder

Bugia – the antique candle holder in a modern key

It is hardly ever the case anymore that the lights go out during a thunderstorm, especially in cities. That’s why last night was a unique opportunity. I had…



Standing in the kitchen sipping a coffee, the clock on the wall strikes 7:30 and its metallic shadow promises me a busy, thick day. My son with his…


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