With or without bench, JAMES is the ideal mute servo

Design by Antonio Norero

James: The Mini Stories

“… And so it was that James was summoned before the king. He had already traveled so much. He was tired and very thin from the long fast, but without a complaint he mounted his faithful wooden horse and went to the palace. The king thanked him: you defeated the dragon and saved us all from a horrible end, he said, placing the royal cape destined for heroes on his bony shoulders. Tell me what you want and it will be given to you, continued the king solemnly. James wanted to talk, and a lot, but he couldn't. He wasn't a real knight, he was just a mute servant. And so he fell silent. In the fairy world someone noticed his sacrifice and suddenly a fine powder like icing sugar began to rain from the ceiling. Slowly the metal hanger turned into a body complete with arms and real legs appeared on top of the wooden bench.James he smiled turning his gaze to the sky. He would have liked to talk so much, but he realized that words weren't enough ... "

“Marta, come on! How many times do I have to call you to get you to come and eat? "
“I'm coming, mom. I come..."

James: mute servant, clothes hanger and object holder.

In the bedroom as in the dressing room James stands out, brings color and practicality into your days. The materials of which it is composed are steel and wood, the colors are those of Officinanove.
Design by Antonio Norero