Design Tables

Discover and buy the design tables and consoles made of metal and metal / wood and put them together in the OFFICINANOVE colors.

  • ta-dino-table-design - officinanove-1ta-dino-table-design - officinanove-1

    Object with an essential and functional design that can be used both inside the sleeping area as a bedside table and in the living area or in the entrance as a coffee table. Ta-Dino it is composed of a metal structure and a colored wooden drawer, all supported by thin tubular elements that give it dynamism. Ta-Dino it is available with or without drawer.

  • moob-tavolo-design-officinanovemoob-mobile-tv-officinanove-2

    MOOB is the TV cabinet that transmits traits and sensations from the past making the living area comfortable and welcoming while maintaining its promise of simplicity. Made of painted and chromed steel, it houses two open shelves where you can place the TV and its accessories. Minimal and functional in Officinanove colours.

  • artu-round-table

    Artù is a coffee table with a simple and captivating design, created to give a touch of royalty to the rooms of your home without sacrificing modern style. Its strength also lies in the color, customizable and adaptable to any environment. It can be used as a complement for the living room, the entrance or the bedroom, it goes well with your beloved Ginevra, a coffee table with a slightly more slender line and smaller sizes. Try it also as a bedside table in the combinations Artù + Artù or Artù + Ginevra.

  • artù75 round table3

    Like his younger brother Artù, Artù75 is by vocation a round table. As reliable as the steel it is made of, it can easily become a support table to be placed on the side of the sofa or a complement for the living area. Its size also makes it suitable as a breakfast table or for an intimate dinner. Available in various colors, it reigns supreme among the elements of its kind.

  • ginevra round coffee table

    Ginevra is a round coffee table with an elegant and simple line. It adds a little romance in modern settings and livens up every corner with its intense colors. Modeled in steel, thanks to its strong and independent character it fits well alone or in the company of its king, the Artù coffee table.

    You can use it as a coffee table or as a bedside table in the Ginevra + Ginevra or Ginevra + Artù combinations.

  • LEM tavolino quadrato

    The laser cuts made by our craftsmen make the LEM coffee table a piece with a unique and refined design. The complementarity of solids and voids on its surface lightens the steel structure, filling your eyes with the joy and lightness that are felt only in the vicinity of a beautiful object. In both versions, LEM can be used as a coffee table or to furnish the outdoor space of your home. The dimensions and its eccentric style make it suitable for embellishing the living area as well. The steel surface perforated by precise laser cuts makes every environment in which this coffee table fits into a special one.

  • traces wooden design table 1

    Wooden top and steel legs. The metal leaves colored traces on the natural surface of this table with an inviting and friendly design. Round, square, rectangular and even extendable, this article is available in various color combinations. In any environment you put it, it is a shame to cover it.

    The “officinanove colors” that are present in the selection phase are linked to the choice of legs for the traces top.


  • R15 officinanove steel table

    The R15 table consists of a steel top painted in one of the fantastic colors available and one of the three models of legs which, from the most linear to the most romantic, were born from the creativity of OnLab, Is and Carlo Bargagna. The top can be square or rectangular and is available in various sizes. The high degree of customization makes R15 the ideal table, because it adapts to your personality.

  • center leg table tree 4piano abete tavolo design officinanove albero

    Albero is a versatile table. È composto interamente in acciaio da un piano che può essere rotondo, quadrato o triangolareIt is made entirely of steel by a top that can be round, square or triangular and by a central leg whose section with three or four faces rises by bending to act as a support. e da una gamba centrale la cui sezione a tre o quattro facce sale piegandosi afare da sostegno. It adapts to any need for accommodation in space, communicating grace and strength at the same time. The colors are those of Officinanove, born to inspire.

    Material: Steel, aluminum.

    – “FIR”: h. 50cm, piano: 54x46cm;
    – “PINE”: h. 60cm. piano: 70x70cm;
    – “OAK”: h. 78,5cm, piano: 120x120cm;

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