The wall bookcase to compose as you want: ABACO

Design by Raco Bedini Settimelli

Abaco: The Mini Stories

After a long day of work I can't wait to go home, my refuge, get comfortable and relax for 5 minutes in the living room before starting to prepare food, heating up some leftovers from yesterday would be even better. On the wall in front of me there is Abaco. When we bought it a year ago, it felt a bit empty. We chose a light base with dark shelves and after a month we added a pair of red ones, to match the sofa. If I look carefully, I see the book I received for Christmas, my grandfather's camera, the magazines on the cosmos that you like so much. I wish you would arrive. I hear the sound of the lock. I smile, now I get up.

Abaco is the elegant and refined wall bookcase that you can customize as you wish.

Choose the composition that suits you in shape and size, dare with color or prefer neutral tones. Have fun creating the most suitable piece of furniture for your living room by yourself.
Design by Raco Bedini Settimelli