HULA HOP – metal table lamp

Design by Antonio Norero

Hula – Hop: The Mini Stories

When I was a little girl I loved going to the circus with my grandfather. He took me there every time the caravan came to town. I remember that it was not large animals that attracted me, on the contrary, it made me sad to see them in resigned cages, with their melancholy faces. What fascinated me most were the incredible deeds of men and women with normal appearances, men and women like anyone. The acrobats defied the laws of physics and with their graceful moves filled the air with invisible signs. Hula Hop makes me rethink all this, the grace that defies nature and creates something unexpected, absolutely harmonious and graceful, which never ceases to amaze. Hula Hop, infinite lightness and class.

HULA HOP - metal table lamp

The Hula Hop table lamp is an object that attracts attention without weighing it down. The quality of the materials make it suitable as a complement to multiple furnishings. Wherever you put it, the environment gains in grace and refinement.

Design by Antonio Norero