The steel table: R15

Design by Raco Bedini Settimelli

R15: The Mini Stories

Sitting here in the dining room, I run my hands slowly over the cold metal surface. With my arms I draw two wide arches and breathe deeply. I rest my head on the surface and allow myself the luxury of closing my eyes for a moment while I run my fingers over the profile of her legs, in the hollow of her romantic shapes. R15 it was the icing on the cake. The perfect complement in this room that I wanted for myself, which I built inch by inch. From the drafting of the color of the walls to the choice of furnishings. I am satisfied with the result, with me. Of a project only mine, from which to start again.

R15 is strength and beauty.
The style of steel.

The top of R15 can be combined with three models of legs. Choose the size and color to create a table as unique as your personality.
Design by Raco Bedini Settimelli