Birba – the multifunctional coffee table

Design by Viviana Degrandi

Birba: The Mini Stories

Today was really a "no" day at work. Returning home, however, I found balm for my heart. It is called Black & White. Black is a beautiful black dachshund, while White is a beautiful white tabby kitten They are always there, waiting for me, to make me smile, to give me a cuddle or to invite me to play. They allow me, between caresses, to erase all bad thoughts. While furnishing my new apartment as a single I discovered BIRBA, a coffee table with a regenerated leather basket at the base which I originally thought of as a magazine rack. I thought...... because Black & White decided to compete for it as a kennel! They love to curl up in places that communicate a sense of protection, where, despite being covered, they can have a complete view of what is around them Tell me how to organize shifts for him. Maybe I'll also have to think about BIRBA LAMP to satisfy my furry loves.

Birba - the multifunctional coffee table

In the dining room, or in the bedroom as a bedside table, Birba stands out, bringing your furry friends close to you, as well as color and practicality. The materials it is made of are steel and regenerated leather, the colors are those of Officinanove.
Design by Viviana Degrandi