MOOB – mobile tv

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MOOB: The Mini Stories

I'm a no-nonsense man myself and today is an important day for me. For many years I was alone, I was so used to not having anyone that when it happened, at the age of 60, I thought it was a dream. I have found a person who likes to be with me, despite my flaws. Today the new TV cabinet, Moob, has arrived. Now that we are together, I feel like decorating my home. I'm a little ashamed to say it, but the television used to be leaning against a huge double stack of books, an entire dusty encyclopedia. Nothing had a specific place before, now everything has a precise place. Moob reminds me of a time when I was very happy, it gives me the feeling that this time can come back. And all the scattered bits of my life come together to form an image, find a peaceful and serene place to feel good

MOOB - TV cabinet

Moob is simplicity and a desire for home. The main structure is made of steel and can accommodate television and its accessories. It rests on the ground on elegant chromed feet that go well with its slightly 50s style. The color completes the identity of this TV cabinet with a vintage charm.
Design by On Lab