HONEY WAY – modular bookcase

Design by Raco Bedini Settimelli

The natural perfection of the beehive is reinterpreted by Officinanove in this bookcase made of metal in which there are open modules, with perforated bottom or with door. With container modules Honey way you can create an infinite number of combinations in shape and colors.



Honey way It is a modular bookcase, but also a design shelving unit created to light up spaces, giving them the right amount of naturalness and originality. It can blend discreetly into the decor or stand out and reign among the elements. Its versatility makes it suitable for many uses.

Design by: Bedini, Raco, Settimelli.

Material: Steel.
Honey Way dimensions: 46×25x40h cm.
Honey Way Back Dimensions: 46×25x40h cm.
Honey Spacer Dimensions: 5×1h cm.
Dimensions Honey Wall Bracket: 5×1x19h cm.
Honey Foot Dimensions: 30×19x3h cm.
Dimensions Honey Mensola Divisoria: Cm. 45×25cm

Delivery Time: 8 weeks.


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