• PING PONG is a lamp from Officinanove that ensures minimal space requirements. Thanks to the semicircular base, it matches perfectly with the surface...

    PING PONG is a designer floor lamp with dimmable LED lighting and soft touch lighting. The floor lamp version ensures the smallest footprint, thanks to the semicircular base it perfectly matches the wall surface and draws a simple shape to it by contrasting the back and front lighting. A minimalist and at the same time innovative and full of character object.

    PING PONGCONSOLE represents the design solution to have in one product a light source, a table top, a nightstand

  • Rock 90 is a lamp is born to manage light in even small spaces without sacrificing style. Officinanove offers it in basic colors: white, red...rock90-officinanove-design-wall-lamp-2

    ROCK is a lamp with discreet lines created to manage light in even small spaces without sacrificing style.
    ROCK 90 is the corner version with diffused lighting thanks to the unique translucent stone sheet shade.
    ROCK 180 is the floor lamp that with its minimal footprint, thanks to its semi-circular base perfectly matches the wall surface with diffused illumination thanks to its unique translucent stone sheet shade.
    ROCK 180 wall with the same features is the ideal solution where space is lacking. Lamp and tabletop in one.

  • center leg table tree 4fir table top design officinanove tree

    Albero is a versatile table. È composto interamente in acciaio da un piano che può essere rotondo, quadrato o triangolareIt is made entirely of steel by a top that can be round, square or triangular and by a central leg whose section with three or four faces rises by bending to act as a support. e da una gamba centrale la cui sezione a tre o quattro facce sale piegandosi afare da sostegno. It adapts to any need for accommodation in space, communicating grace and strength at the same time. The colors are those of Officinanove, born to inspire.

    Material: Steel, aluminum.

    – “FIR”: h. 50cm, piano: 54x46cm;
    – “PINE”: h. 60cm. piano: 70x70cm;
    – “OAK”: h. 78,5cm, piano: 120x120cm;

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