OFFICINANOVE creates innovative elements for contemporary life. We design lights, accessories and objects that stimulate your desire for beauty and functionality in a world that is constantly changing.

We are inspired by the needs of everyday life in constant evolution in taste and effectiveness. Product lines are on the border between manufacturing and industrial production.

They are the result of the two stylistic categories that govern these two worlds: efficiency, on the one hand, and the emotional dimension, on the other. Our intent is to bring efficiency and excitement to your daily lives.

We make your lifestyle simpler and more practical, adding the right amount of color and attention to detail.

WHAT WE BELIEVE we believe that things change quickly, surprisingly, inevitably . We believe that our lifestyles must adapt to the flow of time in an intelligent way, and that they can evolve as objects and materials, needs and desires, possibilities and expectations evolve.

We work to make change predictable, less frightening and much more special .We work so that innovation can make room in your homes, in the most comfortable way.

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