The table lamp in a CLIP

Design by Antonio Norero

Clip: the ministories

This time I made it really big. I betrayed his trust and I have to fix it. But how? I've been pinned to my desk all night trying to produce something that makes sense, but nothing is. Not even why I did what I did. I don't remember it anymore, maybe that's why my PC screen blinds me mockingly through that irritating blank page. Even the table lamp looks at me with its great searching eye. Clip, give me strength, inspire me with your essential line, simple as the truth that I have to find within me.

Clip is idea and action in a lamp.

Let yourself be illuminated by the clear line of this table lamp. Available in two versions, white or black, it is useful as a light point for the desk or for a piece of furniture in the living room or hall.
Design by Antonio Norero