The DI VINO bottle holder

Design by Antonio Norero

Di Vino: the ministories

CLICK. Lights off. Another tiring day has ended, one among many. The restaurant is finally furnished. Yesterday they brought the tables and chairs, the other day the coffee machine and the shelves behind the counter. Today it was the turn of my favorite corner, the one that will host the fine wines. With Di Vino it was love at first sight, I took 10 of different colors, I can't wait to fill them one by one. My passion in an elegant composition. I'm curious to find out what my clients will think. After so many years of waiting, my dream is about to come to life, it is now one step away. That must be why my hands are shaking as I close the lock.

Di Vino, bottle holder for passion.

Feelings move the world. Di Vino is a passion for beauty, for the practical, for quality. Natural and intelligent, it hangs or leans as needed.
Design by Antonio Norero