Pot holder or ice holder? CARRY ON it can bring this, that and much more

Design by Francesco Faccin

Carry On: the ministories

With spring approaching I made me want to move Carry On on the terrace and fill it with colored primroses. I want color, freshness, to feel the electricity of a new beginning in the air. It is an object that makes me happy because it adapts to my every whim, to my every need. In the past it has hosted Christmas gifts, balls of wool, plants of various types. Once I filled it with all different succulents, it was a sight. I poured some ice into it to keep the champagne cool and we celebrated my son's new job. He never fails me, any idea that comes to my mind.

Carry On is a style icon.

This multipurpose wheelbarrow represents a way of life. Bring joy and fun into everyday life, it helps to see things from a different perspective. It lifts the thoughts and lightens the change. Put it to the test with an idea that is yours alone!
Design by Francesco Faccin