DO NOT BE LATE it is the wall clock that gives you advice

Design by Antonio Norero

Do Not Be Late: the ministories

Oh my, how scared. It's not my first interview and yet I feel like it's the first time. There is no point in standing here and mulling over what they might ask of me. And the position of the arms, the beautiful straight back, the voice not shaky. But I can't help it. Damn! Maybe they'll give me a technical test, then there are those weird trick questions that reveal personality. I have nothing to hide anyway, do I have something to hide? Here in the waiting room there is a beautiful clock attached to the wall, it says "do not be late". Well, at least I got this one right. Oh, the door. Here it opens ... "Come on, take a seat."

Do Not Be Late: più chiaro di così!

La linea semplice e accattivante rende questo orologio adatto a tutte le pareti, da quelle di casa a quelle dell’ufficio.
Design by Antonio Norero