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Cooking Block: the ministories

After leaving university we immediately came to my house. Today is my mother's birthday and I want to bake her a cake. Chocolate and pears, her favorite. I am ambitious, I know. But Chiara, my girlfriend promised to help me. It will have to be ready before mom gets home from work so we get to work right away. Come regalo le ho comprato Cooking Block, a support for tablets and smartphones to read the recipes. At this point I'll try it first. She always "spignatta" and complains because to try new dishes she has to go back and forth between the PC and the kitchen. From now on she will be a happy cook and can comfortably consult all the recipes she wants. I am a loving child, I know. After two hours the cake is ready, it looks strange but what matters is the thought, right? Let's hope it's good ... luckily I have a certainty, it's Cooking Block!

Cooking Block, your help in the kitchen.

Cooking is not just an obligation to survive, if there is passion it becomes a pleasure. To fully enjoy the moment, having the right tools makes the difference. A support for tablets and smartphones goes in this direction.
Design by Studio Lievito