Ta-Dino – The bedside table

Design by Ernesto Maria Giuffrè

TA-DINO: the ministories

I'm back, fresh out of college. I love interior design and I want to open a studio in my country. I was born in the Umbrian countryside, so I already got the "advice" of those who think I'm out of my mind. Virtually everyone I know. When I graduated some friends gave me Ta-Dino as a gift. Now that I'm sitting here on the edge of the bed, in the room where I grew up, having this little table next to me takes on a profound meaning. It reminds me what my goals are. I'll be crazy maybe. Yes, many have told me. But I love the intrinsic beauty of objects like this, where art and functionality meet to give life to something that wasn't there before. The realization of an idea. A round coffee table that thanks to a practical drawer can become a bedside table and with its elements can enchant a bored eye, shaking it from the greyness of the routine in which it is immersed. I want all of this in my life. But my life is here, not in Milan. I must at least try.

Ta-Dino - The bedside table

Object with an essential and functional design that can be used both inside the sleeping area as a bedside table and in the living area or in the hall as a coffee table. Ta-Dino is composed of a round metal top, a metal drawer with a colored wooden front, all supported by thin tubular elements that give it dynamism.

Design by Ernesto Maria Giuffrè