ALBERO – the table with central supporting leg

Design by Tuorlo Designer

Albero: the ministories

A new lesson is about to begin. The camera is in place, resting on the blue steel top of my beautiful corner table, Albero. I scan the line of his central leg from the bottom up and it seems to me that he was born on purpose to support the weight of this, yet another, challenge. The gym where I was teaching has closed. I am a separated woman, my son is in middle school. I haven't found the prince charming yet. During the hardships of life, yoga has been an incredible help to me. It gave me so much that I decided to teach it, quit aerobics and dedicate myself to just that. Then the forced closure. I thought I couldn't do it, but once again my passion got me out of trouble. Headphone and microphone are placed, the mat is lying on the ground. I wear a beautiful smile, because my mission is this: not only to teach yoga to people beyond the goal, but to convey to them a kind of approach to life, which puts the person at the center and helps to adapt to changes in the most peaceful as possible.

Albero is the table that supports you, whatever test you have to face.

The design of its shapes, with an unmistakable style, makes this piece a piece unique in terms of originality and beauty.
Design by Tuorlo Designer