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OMBRA: the ministories

Standing in the kitchen sipping a coffee, the clock on the wall strikes 7:30 and its metallic shadow promises me a busy, thick day. My son with his wheeled backpack on his shoulders whizzes on my feet making me lose my balance. I come back at 2 pm, I put the shopping on the table. Shadow confirms that I can do it, I'm not late. Shadow confirms that I can do it, I'm not late. At 4 pm we are all around the kitchen table again, “Mom, let's have a snack!”. I think "Shadow can't you turn faster?" Okay, Gianluca is back in 2 hours, I can do it. I prepare food, I clean, there are too many things to do. At 9 pm I look at the time again, even today I have not been able to look for information for that project that I have been thinking about for a while. I'll try tomorrow, as always.

OMBRA - wall clock

Ombra, essential design and substance. From the ancient idea of exploiting the shadows cast by objects to measure time, a wall clock full of meanings is born. Wood and metal combine to create a talking object, without sacrificing simplicity

Design by Studio74Ram