Studio Lievito

  • ennagona_cover

    The Ennagona chandelier is a nine-sided extruded and tapered polygon in folded aluminum. Depending on the environment, it can diffuse the light lower or higher using the appropriate tabs that make it adjustable in height by simply wrapping the electric wire around the metal body. Chandelier with an ennagonal shape, poised between geometry and gravity. The apparent imperfection of its cut is resolved once it is hung from the ceiling and makes this object
    a one-of-a-kind with a sparkling and minimal style.

  • A more contained version of the Ennagona pendant lamp, Ennagona Slim is particularly suitable for illuminating a specific area in a certain environment. Its narrow and long shape helps to direct the light to a precise point. Perfect for illuminating a worktop or an architectural element relevant to the balance of the room. More than a chandelier, it is a lamp that gives light to what you love.