Traces of steel and wood in the tables TRACES

Design by Uto Baltomoral

Traces: the ministories

Speaking together with three colleagues, now friends, something was born the other day. An idea. Joking with each other, it turns out that it could be a good project. All big businesses are born of a vision after all. And a great idea is what we have. For a few evenings we find ourselves around Traces, like attendants around a round table where everyone makes their contribution. The wooden top is marked by the metal traces that are an integral part of the legs. The air is electric. I like to think that we are the legs of this project, that we will leave our mark and create something memorable, solid and reliable, just like this table.

Traces is the design table, nice and unconventional.

Various are the possible combinations to make the table Traces the protagonist of your environments. It can be square, rectangular, round and extendable. The design created by the steel legs on the wooden top is what makes this piece of furniture one of a kind.
Design by Uto Baltomoral