modular bookcases

    • abaco_shelves_coverO4 shelf abacus officinanove

      Bookcase made up of quarry elements and shelves.

    • Library Officinanove Cubolibre 2Library Cubolibre officinanove 1

      Simple and linear bookcase made up of practical steel cubes signed Officinanove.
      CuboLibre Kit is composed of:
      – 1 element 25 × 25 cm;
      – 1 element cm 30 × 30;
      – 1 element 35 × 35 cm;
      – 1 element 40 × 40 cm;
      – 1 element 45 × 45 cm;
      – 1 element 50 × 50 cm;

    • Libreria Officinanove componibile mobiliLibreria Officinanove componibile mobili

      The natural perfection of the beehive is reinterpreted by Officinanove in this bookcase made of metal in which there are open modules, with perforated bottom or with door. With container modulesHoney way you can create an infinite number of combinations in shape and colors.

    • Mbox library officinanove 13Mbox library officinanove 3

      MBOX is a modular system of shelves with a creative design that adapts to both indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to the enveloping and original shape, the MBOX elements allow you to equip and highlight a wall offering maximum flexibility for the most varied needs.
      MBOX is available in the models: MONO, SQUARE, MICRO and SLIM.
      All the models integrate perfectly with each other to create unique compositions. MBOX MONO is a shelf available in two widths, suitable for supporting any type of object both at home and in public places in compliance with the maximum recommended loads.
      Both versions are supplied with brackets for attaching to the wall. MBOX SQUARE is a square-shaped shelf which, thanks to the depth of 30 cm, allows the arrangement of books, files and ornaments.

      MBOX MICRO is the 25 x 25 cm version of the SQUARE. It can hold DVDs, CDs and small things.

      MBOX SLIM is designed for objects up to 18 cm in height such as CDs, glasses and small furnishings. Thanks to its shape it embraces the objects you love as well as support them and is available in two widths.