JAMES SQUARE – hanger with square bench

Design by Antonio Norero

290 €

Coat stand with two supports modeled in the shape of the silent servant combined with a square wooden bench useful for storing accessories such as shoes, belts and bags. James Square it is useful in the bedroom or in the dressing room and brings warmth by playing down the environment.



JAMES arises from the union of two distinct objects which, merging into each other, give rise to a new and unique complement for the sleeping area or the dressing room. It consists of a wooden bench or stool, onto which a mute servant is grafted, consisting of three metal elements painted in the Officinanove color range: two of these are used as clothes hangers, while the third constitutes an object holder. Also available in the “silent servo only” version. Design by Antonio Norero.

Material: Steel.
Dimensions: Cm. 65×35 h 127.
Available formats: Slim, Square, only silent servant.
Delivery time: within 4 weeks

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 127 cm
Colori Officinanove

Ral 9003, Ral 3020, Ral 9005, Ral Nero Micaceo


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