• r15_piano_coverR15 officinanove table 1

    Steel top, simple and refined signed officinanove in multiple shapes and sizes. Available with 2 or 4 legs and in console format.

  • r15_consolle_piano_coverR15 officinanove table 4

    “Console” version of the officinanove R15 table. Available in 2 or 4 legs format. In steel and wood.

  • artu / ginevra 75 officinanove table

    Ginevra is a round coffee table with an elegant and simple line. It adds a bit of romance in modern settings and enlivens every corner thanks to its intense colors. Modeled in steel, thanks to its strong and independent character it fits well alone or in the company of its king, the Artù coffee table. You can
    use it as a coffee table or as a bedside table in the Ginevra + Ginevra or Ginevra + Artù combinations.

  • James clothes hanger hanger silent servant officinanove.itJames clothes hanger hanger silent servant officinanove.it

    With James the silent servant becomes an object of design. It comes out of the dusty conception that typically characterizes it to be reborn in a modern and sparkling form thanks to its bright color and its linear style. A useful and beautiful element to furnish the bedroom.

  • flower power storage box officnanove steelflower power storage box officnanove steel

    Practical steel kitchen organizer signed Officinanove.

  • artu / ginevra 75 officinanove tableartu / ginevra 75 officinanove table

    Like his younger brother Artù, Artù75 is by vocation a round table. As reliable as the steel it is made of, it can easily become a support table to be placed next to the sofa or a complement for the living area. Its size also makes it suitable as a breakfast table or for an intimate dinner. Available in various colors, it reigns supreme among the elements of its kind

  • cooking block 1 officinanovecooking block 1 officinanove

    Cooking Block allows you to consult your favorite recipes in comfort even during their preparation. It is a holder for tablets and smartphones that adapts to any model and size. The wood it is made of gives a touch of warmth to your kitchen even when you are not using it. Cooking Block uses QR code technology and is part of a project carried out in partnership with Giallo Zafferano®, the most famous cooking website in Italy, which makes available its archive of over 2,000 photographic and video recipes.

  • clackk 1 officinanoveclackk 1 officinanove

    Clackk is the sound of simplicity. An ash stick and a metal sheet joined by two magnets. It is a young and fun photo frame that keeps your memories with style and personality.

  • bookcase Abaco Officinanove 1

    Bookcase composed of shelves and a background plan entirely in wood signed Officinanove

  • abaco_shelves_coverO4 shelf abacus officinanove

    Bookcase made up of quarry elements and shelves.

  • artu / ginevra 75 officinanove table  5artu / ginevra 75 officinanove table 1

    Artù is a coffee table with a simple and captivating design, created to give a touch of royalty to the rooms of your home without sacrificing modern style. Its strength also lies in the color, customizable and adaptable to any environment. Can be used as a complement to the living room, the entrance or the

  • lie 5 officinanove table candlesticklie 5 officinanove table candlestick

    With a simple and brilliant idea, the Bugia candle holder dusts off a great classic that has never faded.
    A saucer with an eyelet on which an elegant candle is firmly placed, available in three colors. The trick? A hidden magnet binds the two together in a story as long as a wick to offer you light, atmosphere and comfort.