Flower Power – centerpiece

Design by Paolo Ulian & Antonio Norero

Practical steel kitchen organizer signed Officinanove.



Design by Paolo Ulian & Antonio Norero.

Flower Power is a centerpiece contained in a cardboard envelope as a tribute to the covers of old vinyl records. Laser-cut from a sheet of metal, it takes shape by lifting the four sides by hand with a somewhat origami, a little pop-up technique. The raised sides allow their negative to emerge in the lower part, which tells of the desire to transform a potential “waste” into a necessary element with a strong aesthetic connotation. Flower Power evokes the 1960s, the era of do-it-yourselfers and new accessories for a nomadic, anti-rhetorical life, tools for ever-changing functions. It has in its nature the goal of design for everyone, combining the conceptual process and the artisan technique in a direct link with the reality of our daily life, in the full spirit of Italian tradition.

Delivery time: within 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 cm

Nero Micaceo, Ral 3020, Ral 9003, Ral 9005


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flower power storage box officnanove steel

Flower Power - centerpiece

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