Design by Antonio Norero

With James the silent servant becomes an object of design. It comes out of the dusty conception that typically characterizes it to be reborn in a modern and sparkling form thanks to its bright color and its linear style. A useful and beautiful element to furnish the bedroom.

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Design by Antonio Norero.

JAMES, was born from the union of two distinct objects which, merging into each other, give rise to a new and unique complement for the sleeping area or the dressing room. It consists of a wooden bench or stool, onto which a valet stand is inserted, consisting of three metal elements painted in the Officinanove color range: two of these are used as clothes hangers, while the third constitutes an object holder. in the “valet stand only” version.

Material: Steel.
Available formats: Slim and Square.
Delivery time: within 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions32 × 48.5 × 107 cm

Nero Micaceo, Ral 3020, Ral 9003, Ral 9005


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James clothes hanger hanger silent servant

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