CUBOLIBRE, the colorful and fun modular bookcase

Design by Paolo Ulian

Cubolibre: the ministories

I invited four friends to celebrate the end of the exams. The usual four, always together for five years with their faces on the books or talking for hours in the corridors of the university. But I live in a room, in a house that I share with three other medical students who are always away. But tonight there are and one friend leads to another, in half an hour we have become 25. Everyone brings something. Glasses, pizzas and pretzels are everywhere, even on my bed and on my bookshelf. Cubolibre is full of handouts, scattered sheets and the final draft of the thesis that I will discuss in June. I know this is all about to end, luckily at least I will be able to take her with me when I finally have a home of my own. Just move a cube here and one there, if I'm lucky I'll add some. Why not. But now they call me, for this night we are still here and we have to celebrate!

Cubolibre è la libreria componibile dalle linee decise con cui puoi macchiare di divertimento il tuo spazio.

Il colore fa da padrone in questa linea di prodotti e rende Cubolibre un sistema modulare adatto sia a un ambiente giovane e frizzante che ad uno più sobrio e professionale. Ora puoi iberare la fantasia, costrure il tuo stile da zero o con l’aiuto del nostro kit.
Design by Paolo Ulian