Design Bedini Raco Settimelli

Abaco is a bookcase system of 100×100 cm square or 160×40 cm rectangular components in wood and painted metal shelves of varying shapes.

The Abaco components, despite their precise lines, allow for wide-ranging compositions, with a variety of shapes and colors for the shelves, a feature of all Officinanove’s products, as well as the option of positioning the wooden support panels at will.

Material: Wood
P1: Cm. 100×4,5 h100
P2: Cm. 160×4,5 h40
L4: Cm. 80x h20
L3: Cm. 60x H20
C3: Cm. 60x h20
C2: Cm. 40x h20
O4: Cm 80x h20

Technical Sheet

Delivery time: Within 2/3 weeks


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