James slim

Design by Antonio Norero.

JAMES, was born from the union of two distinct objects that merging into each other give rise to a new and unique complement for the sleeping area or the dressing room. It consists of a bench or a wooden stool, on which a valet stand composed of three metal elements painted in the Officinanove color range is grafted: two of these are used for clothes, while the third constitutes a shelf for objects. Also available in the “valet only” version.

Materials: Steel, wood.
Dimensions: Cm. 65×35 h 127.

Delivery Time: within 4 weeks.

Richiedi disponibilità
RAL GoldRAL GoldRAL GoldRAL 9003 WhiteRAL 9003 WhiteRAL 9003 WhiteRAL 9005 BlackRAL 9005 BlackRAL 9005 BlackRAL Nero MicaceoRAL Nero MicaceoRAL Nero MicaceoRAL 3020 RedRAL 3020 RedRAL 3020 RedRal 1013 PearlRal 1013 PearlRal 1013 PearlRal 1018 YellowRal 1018 YellowRal 1018 YellowRAL 4004 Wine PurpleRAL 4004 Wine PurpleRAL 4004 Wine PurpleRAL 4010 FucsiaRAL 4010 FucsiaRAL 4010 FucsiaRAL 5003 Dark BlueRAL 5003 Dark BlueRAL 5003 Dark BlueRAL 5014 Graphite BlueRAL 5014 Graphite BlueRAL 5014 Graphite BlueRAL 6018 GreenRAL 6018 GreenRAL 6018 GreenRAL 6019 Milk & MintRAL 6019 Milk & MintRAL 6019 Milk & MintRAL 7040 GreyRAL 7040 GreyRAL 7040 GreyRAL Bronzo MicaceoRAL Bronzo MicaceoRAL Bronzo MicaceoRAL CORTENRAL CORTENRAL CORTEN


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RAL Gold, RAL 9003 White, RAL 9005 Black, RAL Nero Micaceo, RAL 3020 Red, Ral 1013 Pearl, Ral 1018 Yellow, RAL 4004 Wine Purple, RAL 4010 Fucsia, RAL 5003 Dark Blue, RAL 5014 Graphite Blue, RAL 6018 Green, RAL 6019 Milk & Mint, RAL 7040 Grey, RAL Bronzo Micaceo, RAL CORTEN


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