Flower power

Design by Paolo Ulian & Antonio Norero

Flower Power is a table centerpiece contained in a cardboard envelope paying homage to the covers of old vinyl records. Cut out of laser by a sheet of metal, it takes shape by hand lifting the four sides with a slightly origami, a bit pop-up technique. The raised sides let their negative surface emerge in the lower part, which tells of the desire to transform a potential “waste” into a necessary element with a strong aesthetic connotation. Flower Power evokes the 60s, the age of do-it-yourself and new accessories for a nomadic life, anti-rhetorical, tools for always different functions. It has in its nature the objective of design for all, combining the conceptual process and the artisan technique in a direct link with the reality of our daily life, in the full spirit of the Italian tradition.
Material: Aluminum
Size: Cm. 30×30
Delivery time: 2/3 weeks

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black 9005, white 9003, pearl 1013, red 3020, yellow 1018, orange 2011, wine purple 4004, lavander 4005, purple 4006, fuchsia 4010, dark blue 5003, graphite blue 5008, petrol blue 5009, powder blue 5014, milk&mint 6019, green 6011, grey 7040


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