Born in Pisa (Italy) in 1966. He graduated in Technical Institute “Leonardo da Vinci” in Pisa in 1985 and follows the graduate diploma in interior design at the Accademio “Cappiello” in Florence in 1992.

In 1992 he opened in Pisa a professional studio where he was involved in projects of civil and commercial furnishing.

In 1993, after a brief parenthesis in “FORUM” (LI), he began his collaboration with Mobilcasa (Pisa) as a consultant for the design of furniture, in 1998 the collaboration becomes closer and he move his professional studio in the commercial activity Mobilcasadue.

In 2000, in parallel with his own production design he also begins his activities as a teacher keeping professional training courses at the Cescot.

In 2005, after various designing experiences he starts a collaboration with “Perini Navi” for it’s restyling of the yacht “LIBERTY” (former GALAXIA).

In October 2006 he opens “CB STUDIO” in Pisa, in which he deals with interior design and sale of design products.

or Officinanove he designed the collection Demì and tables Artù+Ginevra (also in version H75), Napoleon and R15.

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