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Abaco is a bookcase system of 100×100 cm square or 160×40 cm rectangular components in wood and painted metal shelves of varying shapes.

The Abaco components, despite their precise lines, allow for wide-ranging compositions, with a variety of shapes and colors for the shelves, a feature of all Officinanove’s products, as well as the option of positioning the wooden support panels at will.

Material: Wood
P1: Cm. 100×4,5 h100
P2: Cm. 160×4,5 h40
L4: Cm. 80x h20
L3: Cm. 60x H20
C3: Cm. 60x h20
C2: Cm. 40x h20
O4: Cm 80x h20

€ 99,00-499,00



Delivery time: Within 2/3 weeks

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Additional information

Additional information


Pannello rovere 100×100, Pannello 100×100 Noce Canaletto, Pannello 100×100 Rovere verniciato bianco, Pannello rovere 160×40, Pannello 160×40 Noce Canaletto, Pannello 160×40 Rovere verniciato bianco, Mensola L4 sx, Mensola L4 dx, Mensola L3 sx, Mensola L3 dx, Mensola C3 sx, Mensola C3 dx, Mensola C2 sx, MensolaC2 dx, Mensola O4 sx, Mensola O4 dx

Available colors

black 9005, white 9003, pearl 1013, red 3020, yellow 1018, orange 2011, wine purple 4004, lavander 4005, purple 4006, fuchsia 4010, dark blue 5003, graphite blue 5008, petrol blue 5009, powder blue 5014, milk&mint 6019, green 6011, grey 7040

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