Officinanove, gift ideas for the whole year

Many have chosen to make their Christmas shopping experience as colorful and fun as possible thanks to the proposals of Officinanove and its innovative objects that have shone in the homes of friends and relatives of their special and ironic light, typical of our brand, so let’s see some of the best-selling objects in the holiday period just past and that remain unusual gift ideas perfect throughout the year.



What to give to those who are denied in the kitchen but would like to learn how to cook or to those who love the art of cooking and are always looking for new ideas? Cooking Block, of course! This stand for tablets and smartphones, designed by ON LAB & Studio Lievito, is part of the Cook & Connect line, accessories that allow technological interaction thanks to the QR Code thus revealing further features beyond the object that starts before your eyes but is potentially infinite as your imagination. Cooking Block suggests for you and your guests the menu of the evening, just frame one of the graphics on the stand to discover one of the recipes of Giallo Zafferano, the site of Italian cuisine.



The originality certainly does not stop here, Antonio Norero designed for Officinanove Donotbelate, the wall clock that reminds us of the value of time and how important it is not to waste it. An almost philosophical gift and out of the ordinary that will be beautifully displayed on the walls of your relatives or friends, especially if they are late!


Those who love sweets will appreciate Dolce Artù and Dolce Ginevra, table-top stands designed by Carlo Bargagna that have become smaller than the tables of the same name to bring their passionate love on your tables. Perfect for serving desserts, chocolates and petit four, they can also be purchased separately but, who feels like sharing such a poetic love?


Music and flowers, what more could you want? Flower Power by Paolo Ulian & Antonio Norero is the ideal gift for nostalgic vinyl lovers and for those who want to surround themselves with flowers. It is a centerpiece covered with a cardboard cover as flat as a vinyl but that, once opened, lifting the four sides, becomes a flower that can contain what you want. The sheet of metal of which it is composed, cut by laser thanks to the skill of our craftsmen, brings us back to the essentiality and beauty of a design that is shaped according to the needs of each and becomes an object capable of characterizing a space without losing its usefulness. | +39 010 8686712 | | 



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